'Otterly' Favourite Picture Books


Animal Rap and Far Out Fables

by Gwen Molnar

ISBN 0-88878-368-X



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Cost: $7.95 Cdn.  

Omar on Ice

by Mary Ann Kovalski

ISBN 1-55041-407-0

Omar learns that while he can't be good at everything, he is good at some things - and he should be proud of those achievements.  A good reminder about appreciating the talents in all of us, and especially, in each of us.



Cost $6.95 Cdn


How Hot Was It?

by Jane Barclay

ISBN 189422270-9

Delightful language play on the old joke .... it was an 'icky-sticky nerve-grating tie-hating, wish-I'd-fixed-the-air, grouchy-as-a-bear kind of hot.'


Cost $19.95 Cdn. 



                                          How Cold Was It?

by Jane Barclay

ISBN 1894222-19-9


Continuing into another season - more play on the same line. 'it was an ear-ringing, cheek-stinging, wet tears, dry ouch, feet-are-froze, so-is-my-nose kind of cold.'

Cost $9.95 Cdn. 


Animal Sneezes

by John Roy Bennett

ISBN 1-894222-44-x


Children will enjoy reading the playful language in this story, adding their version of sneezes unique to each of the barnyard animals featured in this story.



"In a quiet old house

the sneeze of the mouse

came just after the cough of a bat

Though he tried to subdue

His dainty ah-choo

it awakened a slumbering cat."

Cost $19.95 Cdn. 


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