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Readers Theatre Resources


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Early Literacy - A Seasonal Approach, Black Line Masters; Raczuk $12 Buy Now
Invitation to Munsch - Teacher Guide; Raczuk & Smith $28 Buy Now

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Once Upon a Time, Scripted Folktales; Raczuk $28 Buy Now

Readers Theatre Script Collections

A Royal Collection  REVISED , 2009 $12 Buy Now
Aesop Again  REVISED , 2009 $12 Buy Now
Animal Tales  REVISED , 2009 $12 Buy Now
Christmas Sampler $12 Buy Now
Fabulous Aesop:  REVISED , 2009 $12 Buy Now
Manners and Mischief: NEW AND REVISED EDITION, 2008 $12 Buy Now
Readers Theatre for Christmas $12 Buy Now
Rhymes and Lullabies: NEW AND REVISED EDITION, 2008 $12 Buy Now
Silly Solutions  REVISED , 2009 $12 Buy Now
Stories Around the World $12 Buy Now
Twisters to Twangle the Tongue: NEW AND REVISED EDITION, 2008 $12 Buy Now

Big Books

A Berry Good Skipping Rhyme $18 Buy Now
Circus Song $18 Buy Now
Countdown to Christmas $18 Buy Now
Fall is Around Us $18 Buy Now
Ocean Dance $18 Buy Now
Ocean Dance Set (Big book and Teacher Guide SET) $25 Buy Now
Ocean Dance Teacher Guide $10 Buy Now
Plant My Garden $18 Buy Now
School's Begun $18 Buy Now

Supporting Materials



Expressive Reading Poster $4.00 Buy Now


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Music and Language  

Read On, Wallach - Book $10.00 Buy Now
Read On, Wallach - CD $15.00 Buy Now
Ready to Read, Wallach  - Book $10.00 Buy Now
Ready to Read, Wallach - CD $15.00 Buy Now
Spring Into Reading, Wallach - Book $10.00 Buy Now
Spring Into Reading, Wallach - CD $15.00 Buy Now

Other Teacher Resources

Book Steps; Alix Miller   special price $20.00 $26.00 Buy Now
Reading Instruction that Makes Sense; Tarasoff $24.00 Buy Now
Reading Instruction, Blackline Masters; Tarasoff $15.00 Buy Now

Big People Books


You Don't Have to be Dead to Have an Estate Sale; Lehman, Raczuk

$25.00 Buy Now


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