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 Script Title


Humpty Dumpty

Activities, script, text reconstruction, word slide and more, focusing on phonemic awareness, rhyme and rhythm for pre-and early readers. All ready to reproduce and use tomorrow!


Legend for Christmas

Traditional German Legend Scripted for 6 Voices, Gr. 4+

This is a story about a poor cobbler who offers food, shelter and kindness to passing strangers at Christmas time.


Night Before Christmas

Scripted for 6 Voices, Gr. 3+

Traditional rhyme by Clement Moore


The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde

Scripted for 7 Voices, Gr. 5+

Children invade the garden of a selfish giant, bringing laughter and beauty which fades when he evicts them. It is only when he opens his heart to the love of the children, that beauty returns.


The Christmas Story, as told in Luke 2: 1-20

Scripted for 6 Voices


All Kinds of Packages

Scripted for 4 Voices, Gr. 1+

Quick little rhyme for young readers who will identify with the text about having to wait to open their gifts Christmas morning.


Reindeer Chatter

Repetitive Rhyme Scripted for 9 or more Voices, Gr. 2+

What do the reindeer do to prepare for Christmas?  Each has a job, each has a concern and eight little reindeer are in quite a hurry for Christmas day.


When Santa Claus Comes

Short rhyme Scripted for 3 Voices, Gr. 2+

Anonymous rhyme, short and sweet about the jolly old fellow.


Christmas Is

Rhyme Scripted for 4 Voices, Gr. 3+

Reflective rhyme about the true meaning of Christmas


Dark Silent Night

Repetitive predictable spells success for young readers of this rhyme about Christmas Eve. Excellent script for church concerts as well as school assemblies.


Everything Went Wrong

Grade 3+

Scripted for 4 voices, this script was inspired by Mem Fox's delightful story, "Wombat Divine". Adults, who have been involved in children's Christmas pagents for several years, will appreciate the challenges described in this humorous script.