Volume I: Ready to Read

Each book in the 4 R's series contains melody line for every song, plus teaching suggestions which incorporate: experience, exploration, and expansion

The CD offer two choices for each tune: full instrumentation plus voices, or instrumental accompaniment only. 

Volune 1 partners well with the  "Circus Song" big book.


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CD" $15 Cdn  

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  • Humpty Dumpty

  • Head Shakin' Song

  • Miss Muffet

  • Jack-In-The-Box

  • Jack Sprat

  • I Had a Friend Who Once Had a Dollar

  • Circus Song


Reading, Rhythm, Rhyme and Rap Created by Sylvia Wallach

The 4 Rs was created to promote reading, writing, speaking, and listening for students at all levels. The rhymes and rhythms are drawn from familiar nursery rhymes, and from rhythms familiar to beginning language acquisition.

These arts integration activities  connect concepts thematically and cover a broad range of curriculum areas.

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