Reader's Theatre Resources


  • Folktales, fairytales, and legends from around the world
  • Teaching Suggestions for links to Social Studies
  • More than 20 original scripts
  • Universal themes about families, community, and ongoing concerns about success, kindness, responsibility, compassion
  • This book is a favourite resource amongst upper elementary and junior high teachers.

  • Partners well with: 

  • Silly Solutions

  • Animal Tales

  • A Royal Collection

  • Excellent resource for discussing safe and caring school concepts

  • Excellent for ESL and Adult Literacy

Sample Titles…

  • Italy — "The Unhappy Prince"
  • Germany — "The Legend for Christmas"
  • Ireland — "How the Leprechaun Tricked Tom"
  • Denmark — "The Little Match Girl"
  • Africa — "Lion and Hare Go Hunting"
  • Japan — "Stonecutter"
  • Ukraine — "How the Girl and the Bear Played Blind Man's Bluff"

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Invitation to Readers Theatre
Celebrating Stories of Our Canadian Heritage
explores the similarities and wisdom found in the stories which have been told to generations before us, and have survived the test of time to be told and retold today. 

Written in response to "don't you have anything for older children?", this book explores the literature which forms the cultural foundation of our country. Folktales, fairytales and legends from around the world have been adapted for readers theatre.

General activities invite teachers to use the scripts as introductions to themes in Social Studies and History as well as to enhance writing and other language learning experiences.

More than twenty scripts introduce readers to universal themes about families, community and ongoing concerns about success, kindness, responsibility…

This book is a collection of stories from countries such as:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Native Canadian cultures
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • England

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