Manners and Mischief

by Helen Raczuk


'Don't talk with your mouth full!'

'Don't interrupt.'

'Wash your hands first.'

'What's the magic word?'


These words are heard, yet not heard - or comprehended, it seems! Good manners are still expected and adults continue to find ways to help children behave appropriately.  This collection of readers theatre scripts is gathered from numerous sources of stories and poems which children were once expected to know by heart.

The poems may be old... but the reminders and hints about good manners and proper behaviour still apply today.

Contents Include

  • Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore

  • Mr. Nobody

  • Our Lips and Ears

  • Mr. Meant-To

  • Good Manners - (2 versions)

  • I Meant to do my Work Today

  • Patience

  • The Vulture

  • What Have we Done Today

  • Tidiness

ISBN  978-0-9811934-8-9

Cost: $12.00 Cdn.  

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