Stories Around the World

Scripted by Mary Hays

Folktales have traditionally been told as a way to entertain and to preserve the history of a culture. This collection of stories comes from Africa, France, Ireland, the Middle East, and Scotland. While divided geographically, they share common links: wisdom about what really matters in life.

Mary Hays has collected and scripted these stories for young readers. Inspired by her deep love of story, Mary has perfected her skill as a storyteller, and is often in demand at interpretive centers, festivals, and community and school events. She has also been instrumental in preparing oral history presentations with High School students, and community associations, celebrating local histories. She passionately believes that stories are the threads that hold families, communities and cultures together, and offers this collection as an introduction to learning the stories of other families and cultures.

In addition to strengthening reading and performance skills, these stories may also serve as a starting point for discussions about values, social behaviours, character qualities and life skills.


Cost: $12.00 Cdn.

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