Twisters to Twangle the Tongue: Expanded and Revised! (2006)
Scripted by Helen Raczuk

Tired of hearing children speaking with 'clipped word endings'? Gonna - instead of going to? or slurring words like 'budder' instead of 'butter'? Tongue Twisters are an excellent tool to help develop an awareness of clear consonant articulation, and to practice better communication skills. Tongue twisters are also an excellent tool to develop and strengthen cueing skills for readers theatre performances. One of our most popular collection of scripts this resource is guaranteed to have your students asking for more!

And besides all that, they're an awful lot of fun!

This collection of more than 10 scripts includes 


  • Betty Botter

  • Peter Piper

  • Did you Ever see a Lassie?

  • Seashells

  • Moses Supposes

  • Two-toed Tree-toad

  • Tooting Tutors

  • Whistle

  • Wood chuck

  • Light Night Night Light

13 Digit ISBN 978-0-9811934-5-8

Cost: $12.00 Cdn.    

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