The Literate Child: Strengthening Literacy Skills through Readers Theatre

An Full day, Interactive workshop using

Readers Theatre to strengthen

Literacy skills, communication and social skills.

Target Audience: Primary, Elementary generalist and specialist teachers


Speaker: Helen K. Raczuk

Full Day Schedule

REGISTRATION  and Beverages: 8:30 AM

9 AM - 10:30 AM


An Early Invitation to Readers Theatre


"I'm so glad there were so many examples

to show each concept.  I can easily see how to implement this in my classroom!

...    R. Hall, Medicine Hat

Searching for an interesting and fun way to invite children into reading? Readers Theatre reinforces literacy skills in a supportive and creative manner.

This introductory session will take teachers through strategies used for introducing scripts and working with basic reading skills unique to each script. A wide range of original scripts, based on favourite stories and themes, will be read and developed in this interactive seminar.  Basics of readers theatre will also be explored with a focus on features of scripts both rhyming and story.


10:45 - Noon

   Early Invitation ... Continued


"What an inspiring workshop! I have used readers theatre but didn't know

the potential for excitement and engagement!"

- Anita N. Vancouver BC

Participants will be involved in reading and working with scripts with a goal towards strengthening literacy skills such as:
  • comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and expressive oral reading.
12:00 - 12:45

LUNCH - served in the room


Part 3

12:45 - 2 PM

Readers Theatre:

Reading Beyond the Words

"I was amazed at how much adults were engaged in these reading activities! The amount of reading one does within a short time is amazing! What other method actually has kids reading, rereading, following along for the entire reading block?"

K. Fisher, Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA

Readers theatre has the added benefit of giving readers an authentic reason to go behind the words, dig for meaning and find a VOICE for each characters as readers read beyond the words. Because readers theatre requires frequent revisiting of text and collaboration with peers, literacy skills, communication skills and social skills are strengthened.

Research has shown that using readers theatre in the classroom

can advance reading levels by up to two or more grade levels.


This session will continue with more advanced scripts, and focus on oral reading skills which can be developed and reinforced within the context of existing balanced reading programs. Participants will explore and develop strategies to:

  • strengthen confidence

  • build fluency

  • work in a cooperative and collaborative environment

  • strengthen vocabulary and expressive oral reading

  • improve comprehension

  • strengthen spelling

  • expand vocabulary

2 PM - 2:15


Part 4

2:15 - 3:00 PM

   Putting it All Together

"The workshop was great! I now have an idea of where to start with my class and what areas of readers theatre I can focus on to develop my students' oral reading skills." - Jennifer P Abbotsford, BC

This session allows participants the opportunity to put theory into practice. Working in groups, participants will prepare a script intended for more advanced readers. Guidance will be given for staging: blocking, entrances, exits, props, background and so forth.

Resources will be available throughout for viewing and purchase